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The Fear of Frying

Deep frying outdoors has become a recent craze with the expansion, nationwide, of deep fried turkey on the holidays. Many people fear frying this way because of accidents that have occurred due to minor and major mishaps. An outdoor deep fryer need not be such a frightening experience.

Do keep in mind that cooking with fire and oil is a serious business. If you already have an outdoor propane cooker or have been researching deep fryers, much of what you will read next, you may have already heard. When cooking with a conventional deep fryer oil spills & overflow, accidental or not, are usually the main cause of trouble. This can happen when poultry isn’t thawed properly, when water is retained in your food, or by lowering food too quickly into the hot oil. Certain precautions taken in advance can help you avoid many potentially hazardous conditions BEECALE 4.2-Quarts Digital Air Fryer┬áB078N1L2QN.

Make sure your fryer is on stable, flat, level, solid ground. That does not mean in your garage or your wooden deck or porch. Keep a safe distance from buildings or materials that could catch fire.

Make certain that there is at least 2 feet of space between your fryer & propane tank. Position the propane where the heat from the fryer blows in the opposite direction. Also make sure that the hose is not in a place that it will get tripped over.

You want to be sure that the kids and the dog have somewhere else to play.

Make sure you are properly dressed. Pants, shoes, etc. No loose clothing.

Use well insulated potholders or oven mitts. You may want eye protection against splatter.

Have a deep fryer thermometer handy to regulate temperature. Not all fryers have one built in.

Always have an all purpose fire extinguisher handy just in case. NEVER use water on an oil fire!!!

Now, if you are frying a turkey, it’s a good idea to fill the fryer ahead of time with the turkey and water so that the turkey is completely covered plus an inch or so. Take the bird out and mark your water line. This is your oil fill line. Make sure you thoroughly dry out the fryer before you fill with oil. Make sure your turkey is completely thawed, dried, & room temperature before you put it in hot oil.

Use care when lowering food into your fryer. Be slow and safe. Turn the burner off. If the burner is off there is less chance for burning flare ups. When you start to lower the food in, the oil is going to boil up. Use the tea bag method if need be. Lower & raise once or twice, more if necessary. Once you get your food settled in, turn the burner back on & get your temperature to 350 degrees & maintain that temperature.

Another way to avoid some of the potential problems that can arise, is by using a safer fryer. With a conventional outdoor cooker, overflow of oil comes out all around the top of the pot and can spill directly onto the flaming burner. With a safer fryer the burner sends super heated air through contained fire tubes that run through the oil. The oil heats sufficiently enough to deep fry any type of food. Any spillage that may happen would occur in the front of the cooker. The fire is only exposed in the rear of the unit so all spillage would be away from any flame, therefore creating a much safer frying environment. You still want to take all of the safety precautions but with a fryer unit that comes with a rolling caddy, and self aligning stands opens up a much bigger world of frying possibilities. It’s not just for deep fried turkey on Thanksgiving anymore. Expand your tailgating or fire department menu. Have a fish fry at church. Bring a fryer to your next pot luck night at the camp ground or even set up shop at the next car show!

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