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Stop the Cat Scratching and Smell the Citrus – Ways to Protect Your Furniture

Cat scratches are considered as the biggest menace in the training of a cat. The cat normally scratches the furniture and other hard surface with its claws and can damage furniture and other surfaces, causing you to feel desperate, especially when nothing seems to deter it from doing it again.

If cat scratching is what’s keeping you from getting that cute cat, then don’t worry so much. The scratching of the furniture and sofa can be stopped, and you can teach cats to scratch the right surfaces, and keep them away from your furniture and other unwanted scratching surface.

There are a few reasons why cats scratch. They may scratch, in order to leave a visual presence and mark their scent. They want to let other cats know that they are living here and don’t want other cats to interfere.

A cats’ claws grow in layers and the outer layer promotes the growth of the new layer. The growth of the claw causes some discomfort and forces the cat to scratch on any rough surface. Scratching the rough surface gives the cats claws in shape and this is just another reason they continue to scratch Protection Clawing Repellent Couch Guard┬áB07D5TLHFK..

Scratching of the hard surfaces enhances the stretching of muscles, creates good blood circulation and promotes a healthy and stable body for the cat. The cat becomes comfortable in the process of scratching and also tends to do it when playing with the other cats.

You may be able to discourage this cat behavior by scolding them to a certain extent, but you can also avoid your cat from scratching in the wrong places by adopting the following techniques.

o Purchase the right scratching surfaces for the cat to prevent them from scratching the furniture and other items.
o Generally cats prefer hard and rough surfaces like wood for scratching. Having the cat Practice on the scratching post or tree lets him be happy and gives you scratch free furniture.
o Decorate the scratch tree or post with toys and catnip. This creates an attraction for them. The scratching post should be lengthy and tall for the cats.
o The scratching materials should be made visible to the cat, so it can scratch these items rather than the furniture.
o Using Sticking tapes and adhesive tapes on the furniture over the scratched areas, causes the cat to stay away from those areas because of the discomfort the stickiness of the tape causes.

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