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Keep Everything Sorted And In Its Place With Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins are cheap, durable, easily-found, and have infinite uses. Besides obvious uses, such as organization, food storage, and clothing storage, these bins can be used in such a wide variety of ways that your imagination is the only limitation.

Let’s start back at the beginning-organization. If you’re like most people, then there is one area of your house that is simply messy-perhaps it’s your kitchen cabinets, your closet, the area under your bed, or your children’s playroom or bedroom. These are simply examples-don’t think that storage bins are limited to being used in these areas only. Tackling these so-called messy spaces can be very easy with the purchase of a few storage bins of appropriate sizes. You can even have them in clear or coordinating colors to match the room! Once you have these bins, then let the storing commence. Place like items in one bin, then stack or align the bins together and voila-you still have everything that was in that space, but now it is neat and easy to find with Lid and Leather Handles by Tegance┬áB07GDCCR4J.

Food storage is an easy one. For food storage, you will need tight lids to keep foods fresh. But even bins without lids can be used for food storage-examples include a container to keep hardboiled eggs within reach, or foods that don’t do well under tight lids, such as freshly-washed blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Celery and carrot sticks cut into portions can also be kept in open containers with the addition of a little water. Of course, all these foods must be kept in the fridge, too.

Using plastic storage bins makes organizing all your clothes a breeze. If you have limited space in your closet, then making the most of vertical space above the hanger bar in your closet can be accomplished with storage bins. These bins can also be used to store shoes on the floor of your closet-instead of scattering shoes all over that floor, instead place them in stacks of storage bins. Your floor will stay clean and your shoes will be easy to find. Plastic storage bins also make under-the-bed storage easily, so you can easily employ the space for linens and clothes, including but not limited to off-season clothing.

Lastly, some more interesting ideas for the use of bins include, but are not limited to, pet supply and toy storage, quick and easy pet watering bowls, large bins for storage of livestock and horse equipment on farms, storage of holiday decorations when not in use, and of course, the tons of “stuff” everyone keeps in their garage but have no other place for!

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