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How to Use a Grill Pan

A great technique for even casual cooks to learn is how to use a grill pan. On many occasions it simply is not possible or convenient to utilize an outdoor grill. However, this should not prevent you from enjoying the fun of grilling.

Grill pans are great utensils but are often neglected because of bad first experiences. If you try to use a grill pan in the same way that you use and outdoor grill you are likely to end up with a kitchen full of smoke and a pan that is impossible to clean. However, with a little planning and thought you can use your indoor grill to turn out delicious and pretty food Square Grill Pan with Stainless Steel Handle Induction B07CVH1S1Y.

Selecting the right food to grill is the most important step towards getting the most out of your pan. One factor for selecting the right food is that it should be of the type that will benefit from very pretty grill marks. For example, adding highly defined grill marks to a steak really adds to the experience of eating the steak. By contrast, getting great grill marks on a hamburger doesn’t gain you very much since you immediately cover up the marks with a bun. A second factor for selecting the right food is that it should be low in fat. Grilling fatty pieces of meat on an outdoor grill is easily managed and the smoke that is generated from the fat dripping onto the charcoal adds a great depth of flavor. However, grilling that same fatty piece of meat on a grill pan will simply fill your kitchen up with thick smoke. Staying with the example of steak, when grilling indoors it is preferable to cook a lean steak such as a New York strip over a more fatty cut such as a ribeye.

Some examples of foods that are perfectly suited for a grill pan include lean steaks (strips and filets), slices of summer squash like zucchini and yellow squash, pressed sandwiches and quesadillas.

A second step for getting the most out of your grill pan is to use the pan properly. The most common mistake people make when using these pans is to turn the temperature too high. Grilling (either inside or outside) does not require super high heat. When using a grill pan the heat setting on your range should never exceed medium. The concept of needing a “smoking hot” grill is simply wrong and will only result in food that is burnt.

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