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Creating a Solar Power House

You should be able to attain great benefits from adhering to the following basic tips with regards to getting the most out of your home and saving some money on electricity. These tips are especially helpful to those that are looking at putting in a solar power system as this will just make things even easier when it comes to saving money and the environment.

(1)   Use Blinds and Shades for Added Solar Efficiency.  Blinds and shades come in quite handy when used as part of residential solar power systems. Solar power cost and consumption can be well maintained when using shades or blinds for heating and cooling the home. For example, shades and blinds can be open during the cooler part of the day, allowing solar power heat to warm rooms up to a comfortable temperature. Later, when the sun rises high in the sky, blinds and shades can do their job of keeping radiant heat at bay so the room maintains a nice level of comfort temperature-wise.  In the winter months, make sure you close the blinds before the sun goes down so that the heat of the day is trapped inside and less likely to escape through the glass Lexsong L1 Smart Power Strip B07HGTHK5D.

(2)   Weather Strip and Caulk Areas. It will defeat the purpose of insulating your home if you neglect to weather strip and caulk areas around windows and doors. Regardless, wherever there are gaps where breezes can seep through, it’s a good idea to insulate and caulk those areas so solar power use can be effectively realized.

(3)   Make Full Use of Box Fans and Ceiling Fans. Fans actually are helpful to air conditioning systems as they assist in moving the cool air around the house, thereby using the energy needed to air condition the house more effectively. Solar power use is decreased as well as the air conditioner does not have to work as hard to keep the home environment cool.

(4)   Install Solar Screens. Solar screens are a wonderful item to use in any home as they block approximately seventy percent of the sun’s rays. They’re ideal then on windows that are exposed in summer time for most of the day to the sun’s rays. The screens are excellent barriers in keeping your house cool in the summer as they capture the heat and glare before it has a chance to filter through the room. Screens come in many different colors, such as black, bronze, gold, brown, slate, and white. Made from vinyl and fiberglass with an open patterned weave, you can barely notice them from the inside.

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