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Cat Scratching Post – Do You Need One?

Unless you don’t care at all about your soft furnishings and carpets, then the answer to the question “do you need a cat scratching post?”, for most cat owners, has to be a resounding yes.

Even if your cat goes outdoors a lot, where he will use trees or fence posts to sharpen his claws, it’s still a good idea to provide an indoor scratching post.

Cats will scratch, whether you like it or not, so providing something other than your furniture to scratch on is a must. Cats actually need to scratch to remove the outer sheath on their claws as the claws grow, in order to expose the new claws. Some experts say that cats also scratch to exercise their muscles, to stretch, to mark their territory and just because they like it. I suspect that they like the attention they get when they try to scratch your sofa too Premium Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape B07G3Q7CCD.

You could make a scratching post from a log or similar but there are so many available on the market which are quite inexpensive, that you’re sure to find something suitable. Of course, you could always buy a tree in a pot, if you have the room for it and if you can anchor it to the floor or wall so that it doesn’t fall over when the cat stretches against it.

There are quite plain cat scratching posts which are covered in carpet or sisal rope, some with a dangling pompom for the cat to play with. These come in a variety of heights, so that for a very large cat you have the option of a taller post and indeed there are horizontal ones which will save you worrying about whether the cat will outgrow his post. Then things get more complicated with dual posts and dangling pompoms, wide scratching boards, scratchable steps or stools so that the cat can look out of the window as well. After that, we progress to entire play units which can incorporate a scratching post with tunnels, shelves, toys and more. Some of these incorporate three different surfaces for scratching, including part of a real tree as well as carpet, cardboard or sisal rope.

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